Portable Refrigeration

Portable Refrigeration

Portable Refrigeration

Travel refrigeration will never be the same.

Tired of buying and lugging heavy bags of ice, emptying water filled coolers, cleaning up spills, and finding water soaked food.

Those travel nightmares are OVER.  For years the travel cooling industry has sold chillers, cooler like devices that cooled down drinks and food a little bit.

But those days are over, recent refrigeration compressor technology has enabled 12V power use, which is available in every vehicle. This means real refrigeration is available everywhere, travel refrigerators can cool down to 0F, meaning solid ICE.

Real refrigeration is now available:

Cars, trucks, boats, RVs, camping, vehicles, planes, when traveling anywhere. 

Our travel refrigerators operate from 12v and 24vDC vehicle power.

We also include a 120vAC power adapter, at no chargeallowing the refrigerator to be used inside using normal 120v power.

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